The quest for tone

As any guitar player knows, the quest to find your perfect tone is no easy task. It seems like no matter what pedals or amps we have, there is just something else out there that we need to get. I bought my electric guitar in May of 2014, and along with it a Fender Mustang modeling amp. It was a great little amp, and had plenty of fantastic amp models and effects. One day I found a used Orange Micro Terror for a great price, so I bought immediately. Its a fantastic little amplifier; barely bigger than a pedal but packing plenty of volume and classic orange crunch. It combines a tube preamplifier to shape the tone and a solid state power amp to boost the volume.

One thing its missing is an fx loop for my pedals. I’m running my reverb pedal into the preamp and it works fine, but I don’t know how it would sound after the gain stage. I began thinking; its a relatively easy design (as opposed to working with tubes in the power amp), and I’ve been looking for a new project of this magnitude. Instead of building an amplifier and running some pedals before it and others in an fx loop later, I wanted to put a tube preamp in a small hammond box and route it inline with my other pedals. A 20W solid state amplifier chip could easily fit in another box at the end of the chain, and as a result I’d have a very sleek looking setup, plus the satisfaction of making music through something I built.

Over the next few days and weeks I’ll be linking to schematics and parts lists. Ideally enough people will see this and be able to chime in, but I doubt I’ll promote this very much, since I might find the cost, time, or difficulty too much for me to want to continue working on it. If its a viable project I’d love to do it, but with limited time and money I may opt to buy a few new pedals and spend my time playing guitar instead.


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